BrouwBrood (translatation: BrewingBread) developed and produces a bread made with Brewer’s Spent Grain (BSG). By using this special ingredient in bread, we reduce the use of raw materials from bakers, but we also solve the problem of residual flows of breweries. Craft beer breweries produce tons of brewers spent grains per month, but they don’t know what to do with it. Huge commercial breweries like Heineken produce enough BSG to resell it to intermediaries who sell it as cattle feed. Small craft beer breweries don’t produce enough be interesting for the intermediaries. However, BSG of craft beer breweries still contains a lot of valuable nutritious, so why not make use of this?

Brewers Spent Grains

BrouwBrood upcycles the BSG from small craft breweries and bakes with the help of the best baker of Amsterdam healthy and delicious bread with BSG. At this moment, BrouwBrood collaborates with Oedipus Brewing and the bakery Hartog’s Volkoren in Amsterdam to produce the brew bread in Amsterdam. The bread is sold at several places in Amsterdam.

BrouwBrood only works with local parties, currently still only in Amsterdam.  In the future, we aim to roll out this concept to other cities in the Netherlands and abroad.

The idea for BrouwBrood arose when four students -Laila Blömer, Sophie Louise Koopmans, Laurens Samson and Mathijs Smeets - at the University of Amsterdam followed a course on the Circular Economy.  They were assigned a case study from a local craft beer brewery with the instruction to find a sustainable alternative for its waste streams. The idea of bread with brewer's spent grain was born, and they decided to set up a company with this idea. BrouwBrood is supported by TheRockGroup.

Oedipus is a young brewery of craft beers, based in Amsterdam.  The beer is brewed in the colourful brewery and is presented the adjacent tasting room, but is also available all over the Netherlands and in several countries.  Oedipus brewery supports this initiative and believes that it suits the creative and sustainable ideas of Oedipus. (


"Everyday we create new flavors in our brewery, and that others reuse the residues of our brewing process to make something delicious and healthy bite, feels great. Beer and bread combines very well in terms of taste."

- Rick Nelson, co-founder of Oedipus.

Our story

Oedipus Brewing

Hartog's Bakery & Wholegrain Milling exists for over 100 years. They only use whole wheat flour, ground in their own mill.  From the grounded flour they make, according to an over 100 year old recipe, Hartog's Wholemeal bread, in which only natural raw materials are processed.

Hartog's Bakery



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